Lesh At Shoreling Amplitheater, May 1993.
    "Lesh has used a variety of our instruments with very narrow string spacing since we began our relationship," says Geoff Gould "His current bass, and he's got several of them like it, is a Quantum 6 Throughbody TBX.  It's unusual in that the body is extra wide and it has a 34" scale, instead of our normal 35" scale.  It also has 26 frets instead of 24.  The top is book-matched quilted maple over maple with a special black cherry finish.  It uses EMG pickups, except for the Gotoh 510 piezo at the bridge.  That feeds into six EMG modified acoustic guitar preamps that all sum together on a balance knob.  The neck has a clear red finish and a cocobola fingerboard.  He's got one of these being outfitted with the wired-fret MIDI technology right now, so he can use one instrument all night.  Right now, he only uses the Ken Smith during the segment I call 'synth wars' that comes right after the drum solos.  As soon as that's over, he puts the Modulus back on.