The 1st Annual Grateful Dead Musical Gear Exposition
August 20th and 21st, 2011 Mexicali Blues, Teaneck, NJ

Presenting the 1st annual gathering of vendors, sound specialists, musicians and gearheads searching for that sound.

For one exciting weekend this summer deadheads, come descend on Teaneck, NJ's deadhead hotspot and music venue, Mexicali Blues, to take part in a communal experience the "Dead Gear Expo". This one of a kind exposition will feature like-minded manufacturers displaying their Grateful Dead created and inspired musical gear. Guitars, Amplifiers, Speaker Cabinets, Tie-dyes and Accessories will all be on display together for the first time. Manufacturers to include the Hard Truckers, Louis Electric Amplifiers, Moriarty Guitars, Sarno Music Solutions, Telefunken, Resurrection Guitars and more still to be announced. Finally you have an opportunity to demo and play with some of the best gear you have only been able to hear/read about; and talk with some of the brightest minds about the gear we all know and love. Make new friends with fellow musicians and grateful dead gear enthusiasts.

Throughout the two-day event; guest speakers, special guests, and high profile musicians, among others are expected to attend adding to this unique special event. Both evenings will be capped off with separate concerts featuring Grateful Dead inspired music also to be held at Mexicali Blues. The bands as well as additional manufacturers and guests will be named in the coming days, so stay tuned as news develops.

Grab your tickets today and meet up with friends you have known for years online in person. Gearheads unite and rejoice as together in the same room a bunch of gearheads just like you. Come join the party.

Space is Extremely limited. Only a limited number of early bird advance two- day packages with entry to both days expositions and both evenings concerts are available for only $30.00 To reserve your place today email us at or for a ticket request form. Single day tickets are available as well.

Be sure to follow us on twitter @deadgearexpo and friend request us on Facebook /deadgearexpo. More exciting information is still yet to come so, stay in touch, and tell your friends.  

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